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The List Lassies 2021 Holiday Gift List

Every year we bring you our top gift giving ideas. Here’s 2021’s recap if you missed them.

Day One: Brenna Ash shared: Laptop Desk

My first pick is this awesome lap desk. It’s light-weight and just the right size for cozying up to work in your favorite chair. It comes In various designs (I have the marble look), a felt space for your mouse, a slot for your phone and it’s super easy to travel with! If you have someone that likes to work in different places, this gift is perfect! Check it out at the link below and happy shopping!

Find it here:

Day Two: Lori Ann Bailey Shared: Fun Mandala Coasters

Our old kitchen had tiles where everyone kept their drinks so we knew which cups belonged to who. The tiles are different in our renovated kitchen and that wouldn’t work any more, so I found these fun mandala coasters!!!!
I let everyone pick out their favorite and now we are still organized. I love not having random glasses all over the kitchen. And these beautiful coasters are fun and affordable.
Great gift for:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Moms or dads

🏠House warmings

🧹Someone who just wants a cleaner kitchen

🎁Fun hostess gift

💍For newlyweds

Find it here:

Day Three: Madeline Martin shared: Unpaper Towels and Eco-friendly Products

Today’s gift is perfect for EcoFriends friends and family or those who are looking to reduce their waste…or even those who are worried about paper shortages again (*raises hand to all of the above*)

This year, I wanted to be more earth friendly and discovered UnPaper Towels – flannel towels that wrap onto a core like real paper towels and save soooo much waste (AND MONEY!) by being washable. I loved them so much, I’ve also started using their napkins, facial rounds for makeup removal and even waterproof lined snack bags for the kids sandwiches. The company has all prints and colors, but I love the random print best because they are such a fun mix of pretty and cute! I talk about these so often, my family and friends have started using them too and are now all hooked too LOLBonus: Marlye’s Monsters ships with reduced material and no plastic. I included links to all in the images below, but here’s the UnPaper Towel link to get started:

Find it here:

Day Four: Eliza Knight shared: Gifts for the Reader

I’m bringing you some of my favorite reading themed gifts! These are perfect for book lovers!

Book Journals — I love to keep track of what I’m reading and my thoughts so I can spread the love to others, and also so I can see how a book changes for me when I read it again!

Reader Note Cards — I love to send out notes and even better when they reflect my love of books! These are great for thank you cards but also just a note to say you’re thinking about someone.

Reading Socks — I love socks with messages on them, and these are perfect for reading!

Jane Austen candle — I’ve shared this one before but it bears repeating! The scent is lovely, but also it really sets the mood when you settle in for a nice reading session.

Find them here:

Book Journals:

Reader Note Cards:

Reading Socks:

Jane Austen Candle:

Day Five: Brenna Ash shared: Portable, Bendable Fan

Today, my pick is this fun, bendable, portable personal fan. I received it as a gift last year and I absolutely love it! It’s rechargeable, which makes it even better and more convenient than having to have batteries on hand all the time. Although, it does take batteries if that’s your preference. I bring this with me whenever I travel. You can stand it up on a desk, table, or chair or you can bend it around a railing. It has three power settings and is perfect to cool you off quickly. Hot flashes don’t stand a chance against this fan. 🤪

Find it here:

Day Six: Lori Ann Bailey shared: Top 100 Books – Scratch-off Poster

For the reader!

100 books bucket list scratch off poster. 📖📚

My daughter has this in her room at college. (I had her text me pictures last night) 😂 I think it’s a fun, unique gift for anyone who reads widely or wants to add some classics to their list.

Find it here:

Day Seven: Madeline Martin shared: Coffee Warmer

Today’s gift suggestion is perfect for the coffee/tea drinker in your life – a mug warmer! This handy gadget has three heat settings, only turns on when you put an item on top of it and turns off automatically after two hours. I love it so much that I bring it around the world on vacation/research trips with me (some things are worth buying an adapter for 😉 )

Find it here:

Day Eight: Eliza Knight shared: Game Night Neccessities

I’m bringing you some of my favorite things for Game Night (w/friends or w/family!) which make great gifts!

Bananagrams is such a fun game at any age! I’ve played it with my adult siblings/parents, friends for a fun game night, and my kids love it too! It’s like scrabble and tons of fun! (Not pictured, bc I think my oldest took it back to school with her.)

Mancala is a game I’ve been playing since I was a kid. I used to make my own set out of egg cartons and dried beans. My kids love it, and just this past weekend, my parents and siblings got in on the action!

Family Edition Cards Against Humanity is hilarious! It says 8+ but it may offend some older children too, so worth looking at the samples. My 12yo did not enjoy playing it last year, but my teenagers thought it was hysterical.

Bonanza is a fun bean planting game, lol. I know, I know, the first time my College Princess told me about it I was like, Beans? What??? But I actually love the game. The price has gone up a lot since I purchased it, maybe for the holiday rush, but there are other versions I’m tempted to get like Ladies and Pirates that are less pricey!

These wine glasses make my day! LOL! They are fun for a girls (or guys) game night, or just to make yourself smile while having a glass of vino after work.

Find them all here:



Family edition Cards Against Humanity:


Wine Glasses:

Day Nine: Brenna Ash shared: White Noise/Bluetooth/Lighted Diffuser

I love this. It connects to your phone to play whatever music you’d like and it also comes with four essential oils, but you can use whichever is your favorite. I usually switch them up with the seasons or whenever I want a change. I’ll include a link to my favorite holiday scent oils, too.

Find it here:

Day Ten: Lori Ann Bailey shared: Scarf with Pockets.

I absolutely love this scarf with the oversized pocket! You can put all kinds of things in there: a phone, earbuds, id, and whatever you need to take with you when you don’t have pockets. I would also totally wear this if I were traveling in an unfamiliar place to keep my valuables safe. This one has two pockets and I’ve already got it stashed away for someone special. 😃

Find it here:

Day Eleven: Madeline Martin shared: The World’s Softest Socks

Today, I bring you…SOCKS! But not just any socks! 🧦These are The World’s Softest Socks (yes, that really is the brand name) and they are the best thing ever! Not only are soft and warm (without making my feet all sweaty 😜), but they also don’t strangle my ankles or left a deep indentation in my skin. This winter, these are my go-to socks and a comfy sock wearer in your life will love you making these your go-to stocking stuffer for them. 😉🎁 Grab your pair of The World’s Softest Socks here:

Find it here:

Day Twelve: Eliza Knight shared: Mixed Tiles – Wall Art

I was seriously worried about ordering these, and probably waited over a year lol. I didn’t want them to rip the paint off my wall… But I decided to bite the bullet, because I am TERRIBLE about making photo albums or even printing photos, and my kids are always sad we have no family photos around the house. I splurged a bit to line my staircase with photos and I don’t regret it. We all worked together to hang them, and everyone pauses a little longer to look at our good times.

Oh, and it doesn’t rip the paint! We’ve already moved a few! Here is the link to their website but also a link to their gift card page, because I definitely recommend asking!

Find it here:

Day Thirteen: Brenna Ash, Lori Ann Bailey, Eliza Knight, and Madeline Martin shared: Holiday Greetings and a Giveaway.

We’ve had so much fun sharing our favorite gift ideas for 2021!

Day 13’s gift idea was our gift to you! We gave one lucky winner a signed print copy of a print book from each of us.

Books in the prize pack included…

Eliza Knight‘s forthcoming novel, THE MAYFAIR BOOKSHOP.

Brenna Ash’s book, A PIRATE’S TREASURE

Madeline Martin’s book, THE LAST BOOKSHOP IN LONDON



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